The #RadOnc chat was first proposed at the Yale Department of Therapeutic Radiology in April 2014. The current journal club chat team:

Mona Arbab is the chief resident physician in radiation oncology at Indiana University in Indianapolis, IN. Her interests include patient reported outcome, radiation techniques to decrease toxicities and medical education.

Twitter: @MonaArbabMD

Amishi Bajaj, MD is a resident physician in radiation oncology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL. Her interests include quality improvement, cancer care, and medical humanities.

Twitter: @AmishiBajajMD

Avinash Chaurasia, MD is the chief resident physician at National Cancer Institute/National Capital Consortium and incoming junior faculty at San Antonio Military Medical Center. His interests include medical education, health equity, and mentorship.
Twitter: @ChaurasiaMD

Matthew Katz, MD  is a radiation oncologist practicing in Lowell, Massachusetts and Manchester, New Hampshire. His interests include cancer care, health empowerment, medical education, and digital citizenship.

Twitter: @subatomicdoc                   Website: subatomicdoc.com

Ian John Pereira, MD  is a resident physician in radiation oncology at Queen’s University in Canada. He believes in weaving connections for social good, education as a basis for change, and keeping targets in sight. He still wears an iron ring. Hobbies include rediscovering humanity.

Twitter:  @IanJohnPereira           Website: LinkedIn

Hina Saeed, MD is Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, WI. Her interests include quality improvement, cancer disparities, digital health, global collaboration and patient-centered personalized cancer care delivery.

Twitter:  @HinaSaeedMD 

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