Our goal is to stimulate learning and conversation about quality in radiation oncology globally. To promote sharing, we plan to test a hybrid approach merging the successful model of the International Urology Journal Club on Twitter with a one hour live chat to end the discussion.  Ideally, the study authors will join us.

Here is how it works:

1. Radiation Nation will post a blog topic on a Friday and link to a specific article for the chat.

2. From Friday to Sunday, a live Twitter chat begins with the hashtag #radonc that extends into the weekend globally, with some guidance by @Rad_Nation and the chat’s comoderators. The around-the-clock conversation lets everyone chime in globally.

3. Sunday 8 PM Central Standard Time, a live one-hour chat will begin covering the topic with an intro and then some structured questions focused around the article.

4.  Chat awards will be given for community participants in the asynchronous global and live chats.


Different? Yes.

Enlightening? Definitely, particularly with your participation!

Radiation Nation

Radiation Nation is dedicated to a collaborative approach to sharing for all involved in the use of radiation medicine.

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