The #ESTRO37 live Q&A : Immunoradiotherapy

Probably the hottest topic at ESTRO37 in Barcelona has been radio-immunotherapy. The teaching lecture on Saturday and the sessions that followed it were standing room only with queues outside the door to get in.

The radiation oncology community and trying to understand how this new modality best interacts with radiation. Big questions exist around timing, dosing and optimisation – and it seems none of those questions have been answered.

To reflect the interest Radiation Nation have teamed up with ESTRO to present a new take on the Journal Club and to extend Sunday’s session with two of the key speakers and the Chair of the Saturday session. Fiona McDonald (@fifimcdrmh ) Consultant at the Royal Marsden will be talking on possible trial schedules of fractionation and timing of immunotherapy and Prof Alan Melcher will be giving an overview of molecular checkpoint inhibitors and radiotherapy. The conference session will be Chaird by friend of Radiation Nation Prof Anthony Chalmers ( @ProfAJChalmers ).


We will be asking Fiona and Alan to answer questions for one hour for one hour aftre their session at 4pm (GMT+2, 9am CDT)


Please join us to ask questions along the following themes:


T1: Why is immuno radiotherapy suddenly of such interest?

T2: What do we know currently about the interaction of radiotherapy and immunotherpies?

T3: What are the most pressing research questions in this area?

T4: How do we design trials to resolve these questions?


Please do join in either from Barcelona or from the comfort of your own office.


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