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Radiation oncology plays a critical role in cancer care. Our goals are to help connect people in the field, to disseminate knowledge, and to learn how to improve radiation oncology – for clinicians and patients.

We are starting with a monthly Twitter journal club chat, but with your support and suggestions we can grow the community to add more features. Article(s) chosen will be shared on the third Friday of each month, with open comment leading up to a live chat hour on the following Sunday 8PM Central Standard Time. The chat is led by our chat moderators using @Rad_Nation on Twitter. To join the conversation, go to Twitter, typing #RadOnc into the search box on Twitter, then select ‘All’.

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Mentorship in Radiation Oncology

Effective ‘mentorship’ is increasingly recognized as vital for early career education (ECE).  It impacts who steps into a field, how great their...

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Prostate Cancer After Surgery

Happy New Year.Now is as good a time as ever to reflect on the past1, appreciate its lessons, and find gratitude in its challenges. With the end of a...

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